52 - 60 SCRUBBER DRYER  
Model NR
Next generation machine suitable for medium/large spaces for the technical characteristics and performance it possesses. All the best and most modern characteristics of this type of machine are included on this model. It is produced in various versions based on work corridor, and offers moreover the possibility, on request, of having a separate detergent supply. The operating noise (less than 70 dB), the water range, and the battery charge duration allow the machine to operate for both maintenance operations and thorough cleaning operations.

Ergonomic handle and movement control for all statures
Intuitive and effective controls
High liquid and energy ranges
Recovery tank able to be completely opened for sanitising operations
Very low working noise levels
Logic controls automated for the required performance
Components exposed to oxidation manufactured in treated aluminium
Electrical system protected from water and vapours
Separate tank and detergent supply on request
Adjustment of wiper blades without the need for tools
Stainless steel chassis on request

  T E C H N I C A L   D A T A  
  UNIT M. NR 52 NR 60
Work area width mm 520 600
Wiper blade width mm 805 805
Work capacity mq/h 1450 1680
Brushes no x diameter 1 x 520 2 x 300
Brush rotations rpm 180 270
Brush pressure Kg 32 40
Brush motors n./ V / W 1/24/375 2/24/250
Drive Type electric electric
Traction motor n./ V / W 1/24/250 2/24/250
Permitted gradient % 5 5
Forward/Reverse speed Km/h 3,5/2 3,5/2
Suction motor n./ V / W 1/24/500 1/24/500
Suction depression mmH2O 1500 1500
Solution tank Litres 70 70
Recovery tank Litres 70 70
Machine length mm 1310 1220
Machine height mm 1070 1070
Machine width mm 638 638
Unloaded weight Kg 90 98
Power V 24 C.C. 24 C.C.
Batteries capacity n/V/Ah 2/12/118 2/12/118
Noise level dB(A) 66 at 1,5m 66 at 1,5m
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